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Event Date: August 1st, 2020

Alexandria Park
242 Little York Mount Pleasant Road Milford, NJ 08848 


One Day Format 

  • 4-game guarantee
  • 30 minute games
  • Halftime is up to each coach to discuss before the game.  Otherwise play will be 30 straight minutes


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Game DaY Details:

Game film is included (2021’s and 2022’s) with the registration for this event from our video partner, Mai Day Productions. Access to the film will be granted to club directors to distribute to the team THROUGH SportsRecruits within 14 days or less from the end of the event.

Each program is responsible to screen their own players and staff.  Use the US Lacrosse Return to Play Screening form: CLICK HERE  Program directors please email us at after each of your teams goes through your screening process that your entire team is cleared. 

COVID-19 Rules:

  • Only 1 parent or caregiver per player.  We must stay under the gathering guideline of 500 people.
  • Parents or caregivers must stay six feet apart while watching games.
  • All parents, players, and coaches are required to wear a mask.  Players do not have to wear a mask while playing. Coaches can pull their masks down if they are six feet away from players and officials  as they coach.
  • Parents may NOT walk on the field for any reason
  • Parents must stay on the parent side of the field.  Maintain 6ft of social distance. 


  • 2018 NCAA Rules If a team is stalling on offense, the official has the discretion to issue a “get it in, keep it in” call, requiring the offensive team to get the ball inside the offensive box within ten seconds, and keep it in. (This replaces a “timer on” call or shot clock.) – Please note that the 2019 NCAA “Dive Rule” is not in effect
  • Penalty time is kept by the referee
  • No Timeouts
  • All substitutions are on the fly
  • Limited body-checking, excessively big hits and physical play (even within five yards of a loose ball) constitute unnecessary roughness and will result in a 1-minute penalty. We consider the safety of each player our top priority and we expect coaches and players to understand and abide by this philosophy as well. The officials are expected to protect and promote the safety of all players. 
  • If a sidelined player(s) leaves his/her team bench to engage in an on-field altercation, that player will be removed from the tournament and their team may have to forfeit.
  • Player(s) who engage in antagonistic behavior (verbal assault, fighting etc.) may be removed from games or suspended from the play day


  • All Games will start promptly at the assigned times
  • 30 minute games- Coaches can discuss if they would like to take a 2 minute halftime
  • The first alternate possession will always go to the team in the light-colored uniform.
  • Referees can stop the game for any reason that he feels fit. Examples include serious
    injury, game equipment issues, weather, etc.
  • No official score will be recorded
  • MERCY RULE – Coaches can discuss awarding the ball to the team giving up a goal should time of possession be an issue
  • The appropriate equipment and mouth guards must always be worn.
  • Officials and Tournament Directors have final say on interpretations and rulings.
  • BALLS – teams please supply your own end line with balls



  • Only Head Coaches are permitted to address the officials; and do so in a respectful manner.
  • Head Coaches are responsible for any of their clubs’ unruly players, asst. coaches, and fans.
  • TPK has a one-strike policy for coaches and players. The TPK Staff has
    the right to remove any coach, player, or fan from the tournament at their discretion. In the event of a warning, coaches and players will be notified and any further incidents will result in that coach or player’s removal from the play day.
  • Poor Sportsmanship, taunting, trash talking, fighting, or other unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated by coaches, players, and fans.
  • Referees will notify the Field Coordinator of any warning given to a Coach or Player. Accordingly, the Tournament Directors will be made aware of all incidents throughout the Tournament.
  • Please speak to a Tournament Director about any problems that may arise during the weekend.
  • Respect your team, your opponents and the game.
  • Set a good example for your players.
  • Most importantly enjoy, and have Fun!

Who Should Attend & Who Should Stay Home…

No more than one parent/guardian/chaperone per athlete should attend. If more than one adult accompanies an athlete, those extra individuals will be asked to leave the venue.

No individuals who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have had a fever, chronic fatigue, dry cough, nasal congestion or runny nose, sore throat, or any other symptom of the virus within two weeks of the event should attend.

Individuals with underlying conditions that would classify them as high risk if they were to contract the disease are strongly discouraged from attending this summer (those with diabetes, age 65 or older, chronic lung disease or severe asthma, heat conditions, severe obesity, chronic kidney or liver disease, other cardiovascular or respiratory illness or chronic condition)..

What to Pack…

Each attending individual (coach, parent, and athlete) is responsible for bringing their own:

  • full water jug or large bottle, because we will not provide hydration at each field. 
  • personal lawn chair, because benches and bleachers may not be available in between and during games.
  • facemask and bottle of hand sanitizer to use throughout the day. All individuals (including coaches) must wear their facemask when in close proximity to others and in communal settings. This includes the parking lot, fields, sidelines, bathrooms, and lines.
  • coaches and athletes should also bring disinfectant wipes, and clean their hands and equipment before and after every game.

Importance of Parked Cars…

  • All individuals present on site must have access to a parked car at the venue, because indoor facilities will not be accessible to teams, spectators, or staff. Therefore, all individuals will be asked to seek shelter in their cars in the event of a lightning delay, rain, or other temporary postponement. Please note where you parked in order to quickly access your vehicle.

What Not to Bring…

  • Team tents (except personal umbrellas or on the team sideline for players to stay cool) and/or tailgating are prohibited.  Each athlete and his/her parent should go directly to their car to await the next game (if available). Teams should not congregate in between games, and the sharing of food between families is highly discouraged. The use of shared team equipment should be limited. If used, it should be cleaned before and after each use.

Responsibilities of Teams (Coaches & Parents)…

  • It’s the responsibility of coaches and parents to ensure that their athletes have not exhibited COVID-19 symptoms, been diagnosed with COVID-19, or been in the presence of an individual who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 2 weeks. Coaches may be asked to affirm this in writing prior to each day’s first game.
  • In the heat of a game, please remember to respect the health, wellness, and safety of our field coordinators, officials, and staff.
  • This means:
    • Coaches must wear their facemask when speaking with officials, field coordinators, and other staff.
    • We recommend athletes place bags six feet apart on the sideline. 
    • There will be no handshaking lines after games. High fives are discouraged.


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