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“If it is to be it’s up to me”

Turnpike LAX compiled a list of articles and YouTube videos to help our athletes stay in shape during the coronavirus quarantine.

Link to Strength and Conditioning Post!

Week 9-12 Workouts: CLICK HERE

Weeks 5-8 Workouts: CLICK HERE

Other Dailey Routines:

Sweatdeck App – Click Here

Runkeeper App – Click Here

NFHS – Click Here

  • Captain Course
  • Bullying, Hazing
  • NCAA Eligibility
  • Social Media
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Vaping
  • Sport rules


  • The Top 10 Best Lacrosse Exercises to Improve Your Game!: Click here


  • 10 Footwork Exercises for Lacrosse Players (ELITE!): CLICK HERE 
  • Cone Agility drills: Notre Dame Lacrosse Agility Drills: CLICK HERE 
  • Footwork C- Drill Matt Brown: CLICK HERE 

Body Weight Training:


Wall Ball: 

Stick Work:

Offensive Training:

Defensive Training: 

  • Approach, Stance, Backpedal, Open and Run…Drills with Joe Amplo: CLICK HERE 
  • Approaches and Recoveries for Lacrosse Defenders Stagnitta: CLICK HERE 
  • 6 Drills to Become a Dominant Defender: CLICK HERE 
  • Handwork/Footwork Progression for Midfielders Kyle Hartzell: CLICK HERE 

Goalie Training/Face-off:


Lacrosse IQ:

Lacrosse Youtube Channel to watch:

Blog Posts: 

  • Sports Recruits blog: CLICK HERE  
  • Sports Recruits webinars: CLICK HERE Must watch for players who want to play in college.  
  • Weeks 5-8 Workouts: CLICK HERE

Other beneficial videos to watch:
Five Ways to Practice at Home: CLICK HERE
Setting Effective Goals: CLICK HERE 
10 Ways Parents can Help their Kids Perform the Best: CLICK HERE
Characteristics of Successful Players: CLICK HERE

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