Liberty National Elite Classic Tournament Details

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LIBERTY NATIONAL ELITE CLASSIC Tournament experience details!


 Player Waiver: CLICK HERE  

Tournament Venue:  

GRANGE PARK – Field Map 

360 Grange Road
Allentown, PA 18106 

Tournament Rules: CLICK HERE  



Please share Victory’s COVID 19 Policy with your athletes and parents! CLICK HERE

Complete your Admittance Ticket and show your coach the Green “GO” screen with your name and day to your coach when you arrive.   CLICK HERE


Equipment and Uniforms needed: 

  • In order to play you must be fully equipped: uniform, mouthpiece, lacrosse gear, Shooting Shirt, sunblock, sports drinks, food, footwear for both field turf and grass fields. Double-check all your gear before leaving. Grey shorts, white shorts, green/white reversible, grey alternate jersey and your two shooting shirts (white and grey) 


  • Only one parent per player will be allowed in the facility. This is required to stay within local regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be monitored and enforced.
  • Parents/players should arrive 25 minutes before the first game, and depart within 15 minutes of the final game. This is to manage the number of people at the facility per state COVID guidelines, and to manage parking.  


  • Team tents are not allowed. However, we are allowing on-the-sideline tents for players’ shade during games. They must be 5+ yards from the sideline for safety purposes. Personal umbrellas are encouraged, but ‘team tents’ for gatherings are not allowed off the field.  


  • Each team will have at least a 25 minute break in between games. Please let me know if this isn’t clear on Tourneymachine. Each
    game will consist of two, 22-minute halves and a 2-minute halftime (all running time). We may stop midway through each half (after a goal or a deadball whistle) for a water break. 


  • Players must bring their own full water jugs, because Gatorade won’t be available at each field.  


  • All individuals must wear a facemask at all times! Athletes must wear facemasks before, after, and in between games.  


  • No pets (such as dogs) are allowed at either facility! 


Enjoy your Liberty National Elite Classic Experience!  

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