Battle at the Beach Tournament Details

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Battle at the beach Tournament experience details!

Player Waiver: CLICK HERE

Tournament Venue:

Drum Point Sports Complex
41 Drum Point Road
Brick, NJ 08723

Tournament Rules: CLICK HERE

Schedule CLICK HERE 

  • 2026/2027 plays Tuesday, July 21st
  • 2025 plays Wednesday, July 22nd
  • 2024 plays Wednesday, July 22nd
  • 2023 plays Wednesday, July 22nd
  • TPK Select plays Wednesday, July 22nd 


  • In order to play you must be fully equipped: uniform, mouthpiece, lacrosse gear, Shooting Shirt, sunblock, sports drinks, food, footwear
    for both field turf and grass fields. Double-check all your gear before leaving. Grey shorts, white shorts, green/white reversible, grey alternate jersey and your two shooting shirts (white and grey)
  • Please arrive 60 minutes before your first game (traffic and parking WILL be difficult take that into account when arriving)
  • Please direct ALL PLAYERS AND COACHES to one of the 2 blue tents when they arrive for temp checks and wrist bands.  Once they are temp checked
    they are good for the day.
  • The morning session runs from 8:00 am-12:30 pm and the Afternoon session runs from 1:00 pm-5:30 pm.
  • We are asking to have each player only bring one partner with them
  • No team tenting and congregating between games
  • Spectators adhere to social distancing while watching and between games.
  • Start drinking lots of water right now & eat the right foods the night before, morning, and during the tournament
  • Complete our online Turnpike Return to Play Waiver:  CLICK HERE This must be done in order to play tomorrow.
  • Complete your Admittance Ticket and show your coach the Green “GO” screen with your name and day to your coach when you arrive.   CLICK HERE
  • Only 1 spectator per player will be allowed to attend to reduce the number of overall people at the site
  • Wear a mask and social distance while walking around the complex and watching your sons game

Enjoy your Battle at the Beach Experience!

Partners in the pursuit of your sons success!
-TPK Staff

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